National Cake Day

Whew – quite a week of sweet treats is ahead of us and it all starts today with National Cake Day.   Looking at various recipes for cake, I saw many asking for cake flour and I’m wondering what the difference is between cake flour and all-purpose flour.  I found a nice post about cake flour on Baking Bites.  In a nutshell, cake flour has less protein which creates less gluten.  Less gluten equals a finer texture and crumb than one made with all-purpose.  They write there is a noticeable difference between the two and that if you are using all-purpose flour in a cake recipe, you should omit 2 tablespoons of the flour needed.

On Wikipedia, they tell us the word ‘cake’ comes from the old Norse word ‘kaka’.  That word doesn’t make me think about cake at all really.  In fact, my mind is taken to a pasture where cow pies are in plentiful supply.  Why did my mind go there, I have no idea.

Many foods hold strong connections to memories for me and all this thinking and contemplation of cake takes me back to our wedding cake.  Brad and I were married on May 20, 2006 and had such a lovely wedding cake.  Of course, it nearly met with a disastrous end.  You see, we did not want a traditional wedding cake.  First requirement was no plain white cake for us.  Chocolate was mandatory.  You see, I knew a lot of white wedding cakes resulted in a lot of leftover cake at some weddings and I did not want a lot of leftover cake.  Our main cake was chocolate that had both a chocolate mousse and seedless raspberry filling.  It was delicious!

Why disastrous, you ask?  We wanted an asymmetrical, Mad Hatter kind of effect.  Oh – and no fondant because fondant is nasty, in my opinion (inedible, I say) – so ours was a buttercream frosting (luscious!).  However, buttercream tends to lose its firmness when it gets warm.  When you take that into consideration with our off-kilter layers, it’s a wonder it didn’t start sliding sooner.  We were in the midst of dinner when it was pointed out to us that the layers were starting to slip off.  We made a dash to get the cake photos done, so there were photos to be seen later.  Had we waited much longer, much of the cake might have hit the floor and sadness would’ve taken hold.  Luckily, disaster was avoided, photos taken, and cake consumed.  Victory was ours, huzzah!

For our first anniversary, we had the same bakery create a much smaller quarter-sheet cake with the same filling.  Ah, I remember it well.  Perhaps in May I will re-create one in my own kitchen.  For now, dear reader, I leave you with a photo of our cake (and us!) averting disaster 6  1/2 years ago.  What a lovely cake – and day – it was.  What is your favorite cake memory?

Enjoy!  = )


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